A cost-effective alternative to on-demand tech support services

With Luis Peace of Mind, you’ll never worry about fixing broken systems or dealing with lost time and productivity

Keep your team productive

Save money

Protect your business

Your entire business relies on technology.

Keep it running smoothly.


From sales and marketing, to operations, to customer service, to accounting, technology keeps your business running efficiently.

But what happens when your tech is slow, something breaks, or you experience security issues?

Your business can come to a screeching halt. You can miss customer emails, or worse, lose customer data. Broken or slow IT is not only frustrating for employees, it makes it difficult to stay motivated and do their best. If you run into critical issues and your team cannot work, you may end up losing thousands of dollars, while paying them to stay home waiting for your business to “boot back up”.

Stop losing money on broken technology

You need a trusted IT partner to keep your business running, but most small businesses cannot afford a full-time, or even part-time IT professional. Hoping to save money, they hire an on-demand IT provider and pay to fix isolated issues as they come up – only to have everything break again later.

The problem with fixing isolated issues is that it fails to address the underlying problem. The fix is just a band-aid, and as we all know, band aids eventually break, and you keep paying your tech guy to come back to fix the issue again and again. While this keeps your tech support company in business, it is a huge expense for you, the business owner.

Sadly, like many businesses owners, you get discouraged over time, get sick of paying for band-aids and eventually decide to spend the money to get a new system, even if you don’t truly need one. Even worse, maybe you don’t even see an end to tech problems and end up ignoring them altogether until your systems eventually give out, causing sometimes catastrophic damage to your business.

Don’t leave your IT to chance!

Wouldn’t it be great if, instead of staying up all night worrying about your IT, you could enjoy the peace of mind to focus on your business and serve your customers?

With Luis Peace of Mind, you can!
You don’t have time to play an IT professional – you already have enough on your plate serving your customers. Get Luis Peace of Mind and focus on your business, instead of fixing your tech problems!

Your business is always on.

Your support should be, too.

Unlike one-and-done on-demand services, Luis Peace of Mind is an ongoing, all-inclusive package that protects you, your employees and your business. I fix your systems so they don’t break and prolong the life of your devices so you can stretch your budget further! You pay a predictable, set monthly fee for complete peace of mind. Imagine, you come to the office, all systems are working efficiently, employees are happy and productive, your data is protected and nothing is breaking, freezing or giving off warnings.

What would it be like to know you can free up money in your budget to focus on scaling your business, instead of buying new desktops or laptops every other year?

Managing your own IT is time-consuming and risky

Think you can take care of your own IT? Think again! If you haven’t yet come up against a major IT problem that halted your business, chances are, you will soon. Critical IT problems can result in not only the loss of productivity, but also loss of data, poor customer service and potentially you replacing your devices.

Elevate your business with full service, year-round IT support – for less

Enjoy a predictable budget

Avoid employee downtime

Avoid business downtime

Get strategic IT solutions based on your business needs

Getting started is easy

Make it right from the start


Step 1: Health Check

I start with a comprehensive assessment of your system and put together a status report and an action plan for things we need to fix and optimize.

Step 2: Foundations

I implement the action plan, fix all issues, and set your systems up correctly to minimize any potential problems. I also train your team on how to effectively use the systems to prevent IT issues.

Step 3: Ongoing Support

I monitor your systems and send you performance reports. I respond to your employees’ tech support calls and fix any minor issues that come up.

What Clients Are Saying

“Luis’ knowledge around a MAC and his ability to remotely maintain the upkeep has kept my productivity and employee morale on an upward trend.”

Matthew and Kevin

Audit Express

“Luis was also excellent at proactively checking my IT system, even fixing problems we didn’t know about. Having that sort of support to ensure my business is safe is priceless.”

Jane S.

Your Property Success

“It’s great knowing I have an IT partner who’s not just there when I call, but also there when I don’t. I love having Luis supporting my business.”

Margarita V.

Grasshopper International

All critical components covered

Total Peace of Mind 


Enjoy 24/7 system monitoring, including system health and back up monitoring


Stay protected with current antivirus software to guard against threats


Keep everyone productive with ongoing system speed optimization


Stay connected – at the office and at home – no more worrying about your internet connectivity and wi-fi issues


Never miss another message and have confidence that you email, phone, and zoom are working correctly

Support for you and your employees


Office staff


Remote employees



Small-business-friendly pricing

No contracts 

Industries I Serve



Finance and Insurance

Freelancers, Coaches and Consultants

Legal and Law Firms


Professional Services

Real Estate

and many others…

Expertise you can trust

Ready to meet all your IT and tech support needs!

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What kinds of devices do you work with?

I work with PC and MAC and can help with desktops and laptops. 

Who will be servicing our devices?

I will personally service all of your devices. You won’t be working with or sharing your information with anyone else. One of the key benefits of Luis Peace of Mind packages is that you and your employees will always be in contact with me directly.

Do I have to pay extra for antivirus or storage for my backups?

No, everything is included, so you don’t have to worry about multiple expenses or automatic payments.

Will you recommend software for my business?

Yes, as a business analyst, I will offer recommendations to help you be more productive and save money. With most of my clients, I find that they pay for extra platforms or services they do not use or that duplicate their existing services. I will identify savings opportunities for you to help you better manage your IT assets and manage your cash flow. I can also recommend new programs or platforms that will help your business be.

more competitive and agile.

Is there a long-term commitment?

No, there is no long-term commitment. Luis Peace of Mind is a monthly service. If you know you are going to use the service, you can prepay for an annual package and save.

Are the packages refundable?

While you can cancel your monthly package anytime, the months that were already completed are not refundable since I commit time and resources to monitor your devices.

What happens if something breaks while we have the Peace of Mind service?

I will fix minor issues at no extra charge – it’s included in your support package.

We use industry-specific programs or platforms. Will Luis Peace of Mind work for us?

Yes! I will diagnose and optimize your devices at the start and monitor performance on an ongoing basis. This foundational setup and monitoring are the same from industry to industry. I will also analyze your resources and make sure your devices are a good fit to effectively support the software you use.

Rescues Completed

Devices Covered

Satisfied Companies