Let Luis Fix IT - while you focus on your business

At Let Luis Fix IT, I help small business owners maximize productivity and save money by optimizing their technology

Ready to stop fighting with technology and set up sustainable IT systems that don’t break?

Stay safe with remote assistance and contactless pickup

Don’t let COVID-19 keep you from being productive. I offer 3 convenient options to fix your tech issues fast!


I will come to your office


I will access your device remotely or walk you through a fix over a call

Contactless Pick-up

I will come to your doorstep and pick-up your device

Make technology work for your business

Stop putting out fires!

As a Business Analyst, I focus on the big picture. I get a clear view of what your business needs from your IT system instead of just fixing isolated problems – and design a system that works for your business.


Scale seamlessly with agile solutions

Big plans? I’ll review your business goals and come up with solutions that reflect your vision – so when you are ready to hire your next employee, expand to a new location or add new products or services – you don’t have to lose time or money revamping your technology.

Extend to work-from-home effortlessly

As our world adapts to the effects of COVID-19, many employers are allowing their teams to work from home. I can help you prepare for the unexpected with solutions that extend to the work-from-home environment and allow you to manage your team, empower your people – no matter where they work.

Issues I fix

While I love setting up systems that don’t break, I realize that oftentimes, we have to start by fixing your current issues.


As an Apple specialist, I’m always ready to tackle your MAC challenges.

Backup and Security

I’ll help you preserve you company data and keep it secure. I can attempt to recover lost files.

Cloud PBX

I’ll help you set up and troubleshoot your PBX system.

Cloud Storage

I’ll set up, automate and maximize cloud storage and train employees to use it.


I’ll set up company email, or assist employees with troubleshooting.


I’ll set up or troubleshoot your internet or wi-fi and resolve slow connection issues.

New Computer/Employee Setup

I’ll set up a new employee with all the platforms and access they need.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing tech support for your in-house and remote teams. Cost-effective IT management for your business.

Password Manager

Never lose a password. I’ll set up a password manager platform and add your employees.

Process Automation and Reports

Work with a business analyst to automate processes for maximum productivity.

Speed Up Slow Systems

Save money, reduce downtime and maximize productivity.

Need a Luis Rescue?

Expertise you can trust

Ready to meet all your IT and tech support needs!

Elevate your business with full service, year-round IT support – for less

What Clients Are Saying

“Luis’ knowledge around a MAC and his ability to remotely maintain the upkeep has kept my productivity and employee morale on an upward trend.”

Matthew and Kevin

Audit Express

“Luis was also excellent at proactively checking my IT system, even fixing problems we didn’t know about. Having that sort of support to ensure my business is safe is priceless.”

Jane S.

Your Property Success

“It’s great knowing I have an IT partner who’s not just there when I call, but also there when I don’t. I love having Luis supporting my business.”

Margarita V.

Grasshopper International

Your long-term partner in IT management

At Let Luis Fix IT, my goal is to help you stop having IT issues so you can focus on your business, and I measure the success of my business not by how many service calls I respond to, but by not having to respond to service calls altogether. I work with you to define the exact technology your business needs, set it up correctly and maintain it on an ongoing basis.

Maximize productivity and revenue

Get work done instead of fighting with your technology. I’ll optimize the performance of your systems so you can stay productive and never worry about losing time or customers due to technical issues.

Reduce your IT expense

You already know hiring an in-house IT team can cost a small fortune. But paying for on-demand services can be costly, too!

I help you save money on technology by setting everything up correctly to begin with, and maintaining it on a schedule, so you avoid unpleasant surprises – and unplanned expenses.

Don’t pay for more than you need

Small business owner? Working from home? You don’t need an IT department or a full-time IT director.

With Luis Peace-of-Mind package, get a custom-designed maintenance program and pay only for what you need to keep your tech running at its maximum efficiency.

Save up to $80/month and offer great customer service with Luis Cloud Phone

Power your home office without breaking the bank

Working from home? Think you’re too small to have an IT provider? With Let Luis Fix IT, you can manage your IT like “the big guys” – without paying big money.


Get work-from-home peace of mind

Sleep well knowing your device is secure and your backup system is being monitored


Supercharge your productivity

Boost your device performance and get your systems to play nice together so you can accomplish more in less time.

Ready to have peace of mind?

Industries I Serve



Finance and Insurance

Freelancers, Coaches and Consultants

Legal and Law Firms


Professional Services

Real Estate

and many others…

Need help now? Pick a package.

Everything starts with a call… Simply schedule your free introductory consultation and tell me about your tech issues. I’ll recommend a package and we’ll schedule an appointment to resolve your tech issues at your location, via pickup or remotely. 

On-demand IT support that works for your business

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What kinds of devices do you work with?

I work with PC and MAC and can help with desktops and laptops. 

What is the difference between on-demand and ongoing services?

With on-demand services, I help you with a specific issue and you pay an hourly fee. With ongoing service, such as Luis’ Peace of Mind service, you pay monthly for a tech maintenance package.

Are you a data recovery specialist?

No, I am not a data recovery specialist. I will make every effort to recover lost, unsaved or accidentally deleted files and photos, but cannot guarantee data recovery.

How do you handle personal information?

I do not share your personal information with third parties.

What is the Luis' Peace of Mind package?

Luis’ Peace of Mind is a monthly IT support subscription for businesses that covers ongoing management of your devices to prevent issues and breakdowns. This package is not currently available to home users.

My business has both onsite and remote employees. Can you help?

Yes, I can help! Whether you are looking for  Luis’ Rescue (a one-time tech support call) or for Luis’ Peace of Mind (ongoing tech support membership), I can service both onsite and remote employees.

Do you sell parts?

No, but I can recommend parts and source them for you through the most reputable shops in Australia.

Do you fix hardware or water damaged devices?

While I don’t fix hardware, I can help with replacing parts, like hard drives. The best way to find out if I can help you is to schedule a brief call to share the issues you are experiencing.

Can you help me choose the right tech?

Yes, whether you run a business or are looking for a specific functionality at home, I can help you select devices with the right features for you. I can also help you set up your device correctly.

How do remote support sessions work?

We will schedule a call over zoom or phone and you’ll need to give me permission to access your device.  You will be able to see everything I do and once the session is over, I will no longer have access to your device.

Rescues Completed

Devices Covered

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